Frequently Asked Questions

What is Factorium? is a technology platform that enables Factoring arrangements between eligible persons and sellers

What is Factoring?

Factoring involves the sale of the accounts receivable of a business to a financier. By selling debts (represented by invoices for future payment) to a financier, the business generates immediate cash flow. The financier takes title to the debts and collects them when they are due. The debts are purchased at a discount to compensate the financier for the risk and effort involved in providing the service.

Are my returns guaranteed?

No, in the event that the receivable is not paid by the due date or is not paid at all you could see significant delays or loss of capital. Please consider whether purchasing receivables at a discount is appropriate for you and consult your financial advisers as necessary.

How can I factor the invoices for my business?

Kindly submit details of your invoice via the form on the main page and drop us a line at

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