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Factorium is an invoice factoring marketplace where you can buy a businesses' outstanding invoice at a discount in order to help them grow.

7 - 60 Day Terms

Choose from invoices with 7 - 60 day payment terms and varying discount rates. Generally speaking, the longer the payment term, the larger the discount.

Quick Returns

Once the invoices are paid, you pocket the difference! Factorium manages the repayments of the invoices on your behalf so you don't have to.


Factorium creates a global market place for these invoices to be traded. We use blockchain to create efficiencies in both buying the invoices and receiving dividends.


As an investor, you get a strong asset with great returns and the business can focus on serving its clients and achieving growth. It is a true win win!

Buy a business's invoice at a discount. Once the invoice is paid back, you pocket the difference! Below are some invoices which delivered an annualised return of up to 60%!

You can download the Prospectus for the offer on the Project details page which can be accessed by clicking on the Project listing above. The online Application form will be provided alongside the Prospectus. You should carefully review the Prospectus in deciding whether to acquire the securities; and anyone who wants to acquire the securities will need to complete the online application form that will accompany the Prospectus.

The content provided on this website has been prepared without taking into account your financial situation, objectives and needs. Before making any decision in relation to any products offered on this website you should read the Factoring Arrangement terms and conditions or any other offer documents relevant to that offer and consider whether they are right for you. Konkrete Distributed Registries Ltd (ABN 67617252909) (Konkrete) provides technology, administrative and support services for the operation of this website. Konkrete is not a party to the offers made on the website.

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Jake Messit

Investing in Factorium invoices with crypto is so easy. Returns are transparent and paid on time. Highly recommended!

Braydan Willwrath
Business Owner

We love offering Factorium to our customers because they give our customers the best terms, which helps us to convert sales. Factorium is also more more

Lucy Cornwall

Factorium is great for my online purchases as I get the most time to pay them off, and there are no monthly account charges. Getting rewarded in more

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